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Umrah Tour Guide

Umrah Tour Guide

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Discover the spiritual journey of a lifetime with

Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer

Experience the expertise of Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer firsthand. With over a decade of living in Medina and numerous Umrah pilgrimages, rest assured that your Umrah is in capable hands.


Ensure a smooth and worry-free Umrah experience by relying on a trustworthy and knowledgeable guide who will assist you throughout the entire journey.


Experience an unforgettable guided Umrah trip with Sheikh, whose passion for Islamic knowledge and history is sure to enhance your journey.


A little bit about Mufti: Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer is a distinguished scholar who received his Masters in Hadith Sciences from Medinah University. Having spent ten years studying overseas, he now serves as the residing Imam at Masjid On The Van Wyck in Queens, NYC.


  • Masjid GroupsIs your mosque organizing an Umrah trip? Would you like to have a well-informed and experienced guide to assist your group and lead Umrah preparation, classes, and reminders throughout the journey? Reserve a slot in our upcoming calendar year to engage Mufti ibn Muneer as your Umrah Tour Guide!
  • Intimate GroupsIf you're planning an Umrah with your friends or extended family and require the services of a tour guide, book now!
  • IndividualsWe offer the opportunity to book Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer as your exclusive personal tour guide. This service is available for brothers or couples only. Contact us to make a reservation.



Q: Dos this price include Mufti's travel expenses and visa? 

A: This cost covers the services of Mufti, who will serve as your personal tour guide. However, please note that expenses for travel, visas, lodging, and meals are not included in this price.


Q: I would like to hire Mufti as a personal tour guide for next year can I book now?


A: Secure your spot now by booking at least 2 months in advance, but don't forget to contact us first to ensure Sheikh's availability.


Q: I don't have an exact date yet but my family and I are going to Umrah next Ramadan. Should we reserve our spot?


A: Yes you can secure your spot without specific dates - simply let us know your confirmed travel times at least two months in advance so there are no conflicts with the Sheikh's busy schedule.

Q: I would like to book Mufti for Ramadan in 2025, however I see there are no available dates left, what can I do?


A: Regrettably, Sheikh can only accommodate one trip per season. Please keep an eye out for the 2026/2027 calendar once those dates have been announced.


Q: I'm a single person, I can't afford to hire Sheikh by myself is there a group already going that I can join?


A: Contact us via email to join a group, as we can assist with additional guests if necessary.


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