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Schedule a Lecture Today

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Book Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer for a Lecture at your MSA, Youth Group, Instagram, Facebook Live, Zoom, or Halaqa, etc today.

What you'll get?

  • Marketing on Instagram, Facebook, and monthly newsletter ( newsletter is for those that book 30 days before the monthly newsletter is sent out. Which is the last week of every month.) 
  • Sheikh's time ( If the program is running late, Sheikh can not promise to give extra time outside of scheduled time. With his busy schedule he may have somewhere else to be. 
  • Customer Support - All support will be via Sheikh's team. 

For any lectures that are in person, please e-mail us at



What we need from you when you book

  • Flyer
  • Topic 
  • Time (EST)
  • Bookings should be made 7 days prior to event, last minute bookings may not be able to be honored.
  • Contact number or e-mail.