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Study Under A Scholar

Study Under A Scholar

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Looking to study under a qualified Scholar of Hadith?

Want to study a classical book, but don't want to do it without supervision?

Missing study circles at the Mosque due to Covid?

Want to do something beneficial with your group of friends?

Want one on one tutoring with a Scholar?



Who is Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer?- A young and dynamic speaker born and raised in Philadelphia. After completing his education in Philadalphia, Mufti went on to the University of Madinah to pursue his Islamic education. Mufti completed his masters in Hadith and is currently pursuing his PhD. Despite his concentration in Hadith, Mufti has a strong passion to teach Fiqh. Mufti’s classes are known to be very engaging, interactive, and allow for a lot of discussion and Q&A. Mufti has had the opportunity to study under many of the prominent sheikhs of our time, from them is the al-’Allamah Shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Abbad, may Allah preserve him.

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