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Nikah Services (In Person)

Nikah Services (In Person)

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Nikah in person

Nikah Services

Asalamu alaykum, Welcome to Hadith Disciple's Nikah Services! As an officiant, Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer is honored to guide you through the beautiful journey of getting married. His role is not just to solemnize the union but to impart wisdom, inspire love, and bless the couple on their sacred journey. The Nikah ceremony is a profound expression of faith, commitment, and the enduring power of love, making it a cherished memory for the couple and their loved ones.

The base package includes the Khatira, Nikah Certificate, and the option to officiate the legal marriage.

Travel Fee must be selected if the Sheikh is not performing the Nikah in his masjid. (Masjid on the Van Wyck) 

Expedited Services: We may be able to accomodate you last minute. Please reach out and inquire to book.

Wali Services: Sheikh has stepped in as the Wali for many qualifying situations. If you feel your situation may qualify please reach out before booking. Wali services include 1 mandatory session before the Nikah and 5 additional 30 minute sessions that never expire.



Q: I don't have a Wali and need to aquire these services, can I just purchase one session and skip the other 5?

A: No- this is a protection for the bride as well as Sheikh himself. Signing up to be someone's Wali in so small thing and if there are ever issues in the future big or small the couple can come to Sheikh individually or as a couple and seek councel.


Q: I am on a budget can I get a discount?

A: We run discounts throughout the year! Keep a lookout! If you're in a hurry to get married and on a budget we have Online Nikah Services that are half the price and you can have upto 100 attendees! It's a great way to get married on a tight budget! Check it out here.

Q: I'm only 5 miles away from the mosque, can I skip the travel fee?

A: Unfortunately no. Sheikh is very busy and sometimes 5 miles in NYC takes 25+ minutes to travel to. However we will be adding more mosques in different cities soon! 


Q: Do you offer any refreshments, any other packages that include photography, etc?

A:In house wedding planning coming soon! Keep a look out iA.


Q: I've purchased the Wali service, after our initial meeting, Sheikh gave us advice and we decided to no longer use the service. Or Shiekh said he doesn't qualify to be the Wali. Will I receive a refund?

A: Yes, we will refund you $300. (The 30 minute session cost $50 by itself but the remainder will be refunded.) You should receive it within 2-14 business days- depending on your bank/country

Q: We want to inquire about the Wali services with Sheikh before purchasing, how can we do this?

A: You can book a call for 10-20 minutes depending on how complicated your situation is, and ask Sheikh if he can confirm whether he can step in as the Wali. Once he gives you your answer you can go ahead and book. You would still need to attend the mandatory 1st session. 


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