Muslim Group Therapy for Marriage Addiction Wiwas and Spiritual

Muslim Group Therapy Sesions

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We're happy to announce group therapy sessions available to those interested.


At 1/3 of the price you'll receive access to long term counseling on a weekly basis.

Small group sizes (10 people per group)

1 hour sessions

Every week



The goal of creating this space for our Muslim brothers and sisters is to add dimension to counseling, those struggling can benefit from advice given to others, stories shared by those going through the same thing, and seeing that they're not alone, and if others can get through it. so could they.It's more affordable so the support will last longer and be more consistent, hopefully in sha Allah meaning better results. 



-Everyone attending the support group must sign a waiver, stating they will not share anything from the session.

-Everyone in the support group is to create an Alias, to protect their identity.

-All sessions are private and confidential. No recordings are allowed.





Couples Group Therapy Sessions

Saturdays @3:30PM EST 


Wiswas Group Therapy Sessions

Sundays @7PM EST 


Addiction Group Therapy Sessions

Wednesdays @ 9:30PM EST

Spiritual Group Therapy Sessions

Fridays @3:30PM EST 


How it works:

1. Pick the therapy group you want to join. (For marriage counseling one couple only pays one fee.) 

2. Purchase, $135 is the cost for 4 sessions. ( individual sessions are normally $100 per hour. so you're saving 75% by joining a group.)

3. Fill out the Confidentiality Agreement and email it to

4. Once all spots are filled the therapy sessions will begin. ( LIMITED SPOTS- only 10 available per group)

4. We will E-mail you the zoom details for the month ( same log in every week)

5. If you want to join again for the next month, you will have priority.