E-Book Mufti Q & A Book 1
E-Book Mufti Q & A Book 1

E-Book Mufti Q & A Book 1

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“What I liked most about the channel, now called Hadith Disciple, was the opportunity for viewers to directly ask Sh. Mufti questions or seek general advise. I would tune in as viewers posed questions whiled Sh. Mufti contextualized them with detailed answers. After each Q & A session… no question, no inquiry, no concern seemed simple and straightforward.

“We need to understand the context,” Sh. Mufti would say.

This exposed me to various fields of knowledge. Each unique question on fiqh, the terminology of hadith and even advice on raising children motivated me to ask my own questions and seek knowledge…..

If you are new to the Hadith Disciple community, welcome! You have started at the right place. The questions in this book are as diverse as the questioners themselves that write from all over the world. Rarely if ever will you read a book that talks about ‘Ilmul Hadith and how to deal with your in-laws from a different religion in the same chapter.

~ Fatima al-Arabeeyah