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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

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Book your session with Sheikh today in an easy and convenient way.

Whether you are looking for Marriage counseling services, a quick or complicated question answered, tutoring, addiction help, spiritual counseling, etc this service has been created for you. 

Sheikh is available at these times and looks forward to serving you.

NOTE: Please book your desired time 12 hours in advance. Any bookings that take place with short notice are subject to change due to Sheikh’s busy schedule. Last minute bookings can not be honored with accurate time and will be scheduled later in that day or the next. 


Reminder: Sheikh has free live classes all throguhout the week on instagram live ( Mufti_Muneer_Official) or (Hadith Disciple)

These classes include scheduled classes as well as live classes dedicated to answering questions ( please ask them in the format of name or initials/ state or city/question )


Sheikh also has another youtube channel dedicated to common questions where hundreds of questions should be easily found: ( Mufti Q&A)


For those looking to get their questions answered for free, that option is always available. This has been created for those that have more complicated questions, or private matters, etc. 


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